The Role of the Immune System

The immune system is a collection of organs, special cells, and substances that protect you from infections and some other diseases.

Immune cells and the substances they make travel through your body to protect it from germs that cause infections. They also help protect you from mutated cells.

The immune system keeps track of all of the substances normally found in the body.

Any new substance that the immune system doesn’t recognize raises an alarm, causing the immune system to attack it.

For example, germs contain substances such as certain proteins that are not normally found in the human body. The immune system sees these as “foreign” and attacks them.

The immune response can destroy anything containing the foreign substance, such as bacteria or a virus.

The Limits of the Immune System

The immune system has a tougher time targeting mutated cells, such as cancer cells, though.

This is because mutation starts when cells become altered and start to grow out of control. The immune system doesn’t always recognize these cells as foreign.

There are limits on the immune system’s ability to fight these mutations on its own, because healthy immune systems still develop mutations.

Sometimes the immune system doesn’t see the mutated cells as foreign because the cells aren’t different enough from normal cells.

Sometimes the immune system recognizes the cells, but the response might not be strong enough to destroy them.

Enhancing the Immune System

To overcome this, methods have been developed to help the immune system recognize mutated cells and strengthen its response so that it will destroy them.

The process of supplementing the immune system in order to help the body to defend itself from disease is know as immunotherapy.

The Strongest Immune-Enhancing Substance on Earth

Widely recognized as the most potent immune enhancing substances available on Earth are the active compounds know as beta-glucans derived from medicinal mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms can aide in the treatment of your pet’s cancer by:

  • Supporting and strengthening your pet’s immune system
  • Providing anti-inflammatory properties
  • Providing antioxidant properties
  • Restricting blood vessel growth feeding tumors (“anti-angiogenesis”)
  • Causing programmed cell death of cancer cells (“apoptosis”)
  • Assisting conventional anti-cancer drugs & treatments to work more effectively

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, starting him or her on a medicinal mushroom supplement early on in the treatment process can greatly aide in the effectiveness of the cancer treatment and can help eliminate the side-effects of treatment as well, so they can run and play again.


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