When your dog is fighting cancer, modifying their diet is one of the most effective and immediate things you can do to help them.

Dogs with cancer have special nutritional requirements.

Cancer cells thrive on sugars, consuming it at 10x the rate as normal cells.

As the cancer cells guzzle glucose, they produce lactate, a waste product that poisons your dog, depleting him of energy.

This process weakens the body and strengthens the cancer.

Simple carbohydrates should be restricted for dogs with cancer in order to cut off the cancer cells’ sugar supply. This is the single most important dietary change that you can make for a dog with cancer.

Replace the simple carbs commonly found in kibble with:

  • high-quality protein
  • healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acid chains
  • vegetables for essential nutrients
  • small amount of grain-free complex carbohydrates.

The Best Way to Feed a Dog with Cancer

The best way to ensure that your dog is getting the nutrition that he or she needs is to prepare the food yourself.

You can find many recipes online if you want to cook all of your dog’s food from scratch.
Petmix for your dog cancer diet

However, if you are pressed for time, you may want to purchase a supplemental dog food like Petmix by Healthy Dogma.

Supplemental dog food like Petmix is meant to be prepared along with meat purchased from your butcher or grocer. You simply mix the Petmix, the meat and some water on the stovetop to prepare the food.

Or, if you are feeding a raw diet, you can mix without cooking.

PetMix simplifies the process of cutting out harmful sugars from your dog’s diet and getting them the nutrition that they need while they fight cancer. It’s the easiest way to cook for your dog.


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