Dog Cancer Recovery Success Stories

Healing Dogs from Cancer

This is my dog Lexi who was diagnosed with liver cancer in June. The day she was diagnosed, I frantically went online to search for something that may help her while she was going through chemotherapy. I found your product and ordered immediately. She has never missed a day of K-9 critical care.

I am happy to say that at her last chemo appt. an ultrasound was done and the tumors on her liver have disappeared! The vet also said that he has never seen a dog with her type of cancer have such a good white blood cell count. I love your product and believe it has helped her tremendously!

I would be thrilled to see my beautiful girl on your label:)


Jeannine Seevers


Here are the before and after pictures of Sweetie. I don’t think I need to explain anything, the pictures do it for me.

Thank you,


Max is Doing Great

Hi Tom:

I promised you to write the story about Max. Also you see attach photos: Photo one is Max in the backyard. Photo two is after Max had radiation treatment on his bone cancer on September, 2008. Max is a 10 years and 8 months old Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. I had him while he was two months old.

First, Max was diagnosed for bone cancer last August , 2008. Vet wanted to perform amputation on his leg in order to help him to live another 4-10 months. Otherwise, he would live for up to three more months without surgery. Well, it was a heartbroken moment for us to make decision what to do. Later we decided not to do the amputation because let him live a quality life is more important than living longer but suffering especially he is such a giant dog truly needs his four legs. No matter how painful he was from the bone cancer, he still used his four legs.

Because he was not going to get more treatment than radiation, I got help from Tom to give Max the nutrition supplement. I love Max very much and I didn’t want him to suffer any pain. Max started the K9, fish oil, the factor on the beginning of September, 2008.
Later on October, 2008 Vet found out Max had not only bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) but another two cancers: Apocrine gland adenocarcinoma of anal sac (Perianal tumor) and Splenic tumors. Because of the three types cancer, Vet decided not to do anything at all but just keeps giving Max Deramaxx Pain killer)

I can’t tell you how much I cried but I insist to give him 11 pills of K9, one factor and fish oils everyday. It is not a easy job because he is too smart to spit out the pills from cream cheeses cover or peanut butter cover. But I got to be stronger than him in order to save his life.
We all thought he would not live to see the Thanksgiving but he did. He spent Thanksgiving with us and got Turkey meat as dinner. Then we celebrated Christmas Eve together.Then we celebrated New Year eve and New Year of 2009 together.
He is living the seventh month now from the date he was diagnosed cancer. Remember what the Vet said that he would have only up to three months life if we didn’t do the surgery to cut off the cancer leg?

He can still walk on his four legs and we still take 10 mins walk in the neighborhood. You should see his face all smile, his tail up and he walk like flying. He even pull us to opposite direction from home while we finish the walking. He is very active, happy, energetic and alert like Guard Dog he suppose to be. And he is playful and cheerful like puppy.

I believe K9 and Factor really works. It is miracle to us. Max takes only half pill of Deramaxx per day now and he shows no pain at all. He doesn’t look any way nears to a cancer dog to us and he still eats like pig with great appetite. Of course, I give him high protein food and less grain made food.

Thanks Tom for your great help. You are a great listener and you understand.
We truly appreciate you from our bottom of our heart.


Supplements work

I have given my dog the Critical Care supplements for two months and she is doing GREAT. I believe the supplements really work. She’s like a puppy, playing and running. Bright eyes and coat.

- by PupPup on 06/07/2011

K-9 Critical Care is helping

My beautiful 6 year old german shepherd was diagnosed with splenic cancer in June that had spread to her liver. Her spleen was removed and she is now receiving chemotherapy. We started her on K-9 Critical right away as well as chinese herbs. She just had her second round of chemo and an ultrasound was done and they cannot see any tumors on her liver!!!! I attribute this first and foremost to God of course but the K-9 critical care is well liked by her and I believe it contains all of the good cancer fighting, immune boosting ingredients that I know she needs…I’ve read a lot of books on this since June. This is a great product and my orders have been received quickly. All in all this is a great product!

german shepherd mom on 07/19/2011

Hello, all. First of all, I love your products. I have shared the food with my girls who are now buying it for their dogs. My Ben, who has skin cancer, was supposed to be gone by August 2010, but he is still thriving. The vet says his organs are perfect, heart great, fur is beautiful and he looks better now than before! He still has skin cancer but it has slowed down and he is functioning, eating, eliminating perfectly. His blood work is great and vet is amazed. I’m just sorry I didn’t find these products sooner because they make such a huge and obvious difference. I’m enjoying every day with my Ben, large mixed black lab, and he is enjoying life. I tell everyone that many dog foods ‘over the counter’ are very bad and that they have to learn to read the ingredients and see for themselves. Again, thank you for this much time of extending Ben’s life. I hope he makes it through as I’m treating him as best I can (good water, etc.)Thanks, all.

DC on 10/26/2010

My shih tzu, Hershey, was diagnosed one year ago this month with lymphoma. I was devastated when I got the diagnosis. I refused to put my dog through chemo and immediately began to research canine cancer on the internet. K9 Critical Care’s site popped up. One of the reviews talked about how their dog had been diagnosed with lymphoma four years ago and was doing so well. I couldn’t order PetMix or the canine power pack supplments quick enough. Once I became educated about grain-free food, I’d never feed my dogs anything else. I also took Hershey to a holistic vet and told him about the supplements and the food I was feeding him. He said that his lymphoma was in remission. I highly recommend PetMix for your healthy dog as well. My two healthy dogs eat it plus I give them the DailyCare supplements, ProBiotix and omega. I am so thankful for K9 Critical Care.

Denise L. on 07/13/2010

Lucy’s vet said keep doing what you’re doing.

Two years ago our poodle, Lucy, was diagnosed with an anal mast cell tumor. The oncologist estimated 6 months to 1 year with surgery, chemo, radiation regimen. Lucy was 11 years old and had already had heart and hip surgery. So we decided against putting her through that regimen and to try the “natural way” to keep her comfortable as long as we could. We tried several potions and finally discovered K9 Critical Care. Four months ago we happened to be at the vet at the same time as her surgeon. He examined her and said he could remove the tumor. It was the size of a baseball (mostly internal). He was successful. Our vet said that she was remarkable and we should keep doing whatever we were doing. I believe that K9 Critical Care kept Lucy in good enough condition that 2 years after her cancer was discovered we were able to improve and extend her quality of life.

for Lucy on 06/30/2011

It's nice to see others who have had good experiences with K9 Critical Care and the folks at Healthy Dogma. Our dog Jake has had Mast Cell Tumors for nearly 4 years now. The vet said that normally he saw animals last 6-8 months. Jake's case has turned out to be severe in that he had multiple tumors remove and they don't stop coming.  Jake has lasted nearly 4 years since the diagnosis and we believe that his strong health is due in part to the help we receive from Tom & his products along with good diet and veterinary care. Yes, it is expensive, however it's a drop in the bucket compared to other treatments. Thank you Tom and the folks at Healthy Dogma!

Paul, April 5, 2012

My 6 year old beagle was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in July 2009. It appeared seemingly out of nowhere on her back left legluckily, my vet biopsied it and determined it was probably a mast cell tumor. She had her first surgery done by him, but the pathology came back as unclean margins. I researched right away and discovered the Critical Care power-packs by K9 Critical Care and got her started right away. She had a follow-up surgery by specialists at a university and was given a good report. To this day there has been no recurrence of her cancer. After switching her food to the Petmix and another grain-free dry food, she actually lost over 2 pounds with no increase in activity! I believe these products are wonderful and have given my beagle better health, and a longer life. Thanks!

Reviewer on 10/19/2010

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for your kindness when I first called regarding my dog’s (Hunter) advanced Lymphoma. I know I was tearful and upset and you were a voice of calm and reason. Well, it will be a month on Tuesday, and Hunter has done a “180”. When first diagnosed he had several tumors in the lymph nodes of his neck, front legs, and back, he had also lost 30 pounds. He was listless, not interested in eating, and would throw it up when he did eat. He went downhill so fast, I thought we would be putting him down within a week, even though the initial diagnosis was 4-6 weeks to live.

We immediately started researching and put him on a fresh meat, broccoli, diet. And, then we found you. Within a week of being on the K9 and transfer factor, his tumors had shrunk in half, in two weeks we could not find them. His appetite is back to normal and he’s back to a healthy weight. His energy level is not completely back to what it was, but almost. We also have him on the Prednisone, but I feel safe enough to have cut the dose into a quarter of what he was initially on (in conjunction with my vet, and on a prednisone taper). Words cannot say enough about your products. At only 7 years old we were not prepared for him go- especially as we have an 11 year old dog that is his best friend.

I have every intention of using your products for the rest of his life span however long that may be- but, I am comforted by the fact that he is so much healthier.

Thanks again, and feel free to use this in your testimonials if you like.


Hi my name is Steve,

I don’t normally do things like this but I had to tell you my story and give my thanks.. my dog Zeke was diagnosed with malignant histiocytosis a fast moving potent form of cancer for which there is no cure in may of 2004 Zeke stopped eating and on that day I went to work thinking he had an upset stomach/ bug or something else but when I came home he still wouldn’t eat so I called my local vet who said bring him in the next day, they then did the usual tests like blood work listened to his heart etc. nothing was found except that he was showing signs of severe anemia .. pale white gums. The next day I took him to a veterinary hospital where they could do a lot more testing and had the latest equipment. Also, I wanted to get him well and get to the bottom of this,by now he was showing signs of general weakness and he was getting wobbly on his legs..they suggested an ultrasound, x-ray,more blood work,bone biopsy,and kidney values be done so they took him in and two hours later came out to see me with the most awful news I could imagine CANCER my beautiful loving Zeke has cancer they told me and if that wasn’t bad enough they told me it was a type that dogs never do well with and with treatment(chemotherapy) he might live 4-months he had it in his spleen and bone marrow and his liver didn’t look good either ..

I was devastated here he was doing great and then just like that he has cancer,now here I was faced with having to make a decision I didn’t want to make not knowing if I wanted to put him through the side effects of chemo or not,he was 10-1/2 years old now and for a Rottie that’s getting pretty near his life expectancy although I always thought he would live for ever..they told me that they didnt understand much about this form of cancer being that it is so rare so they wanted me to bring Zeke to the New England Veterinary Oncology Group a specialty hospital for animals with cancer only, I was now wishing for a ray of hope.After meeting with a doctor there he did all sorts of the same tests again to Zeke and after  -hours of testing he came to me and said he did have malignant histiocytosis and gave me the same odds as the other two doctors who examined and tested him,this doctor suggested aggressive Chemo be started that day so he gave me some pills to take home with rubber gloves and instructions on administering the chemo agent..I was trembling when I got home at the thought of poisoning my loving Zeke with these drugs..

I tossed around in my head all day what I should do and decided not to give the toxic drugs to Zeke.I now turned to the internet to search about malignant histiocytosis and what I found was even more bad news most dogs live an average (with chemo)of 2-4 months and with not that great a quality of life, I now did a search on canine cancer treatments and all kinds of products started to show up and that’s how I found Immune Assist.. I ordered a 360 capsule bottle, when it arrived I gave Zeke  capsules in a small amount of home cooked chicken which was now all he would eat and not much of it at all, he was now down under 10 lbs in body weight and looked really bad my heart was broken just looking at him with his sad eyes.

I gave him another  -capsules that night and continued with this schedule,after about 4-weeks he seemed like he was looking more energetic. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high but I continued with the Immune assist and around 7-weeks later he was now eating much better and had gained back 8 of his lost pounds, I cant tell you how I feel inside I truly cant but I’m beyond happy!

It has now been 6-months since his diagnosis and he is back up to his normal weight and looks super his appetite is the best it has ever been no-one can believe it’s as good as it is and his energy level is like that of when he was around 3-years old ,my vet is shocked and doesn’t know what to say when I bring him in for checkups he wasn’t supposed to be here but here he is and I’m so happy that words cant describe how I feel seeing him bounce back like this, there was nowhere else to turn and Zeke was going down so fast it was so sad to see him hurting like thatI’m amazed..thank you from the bottom of mine and Zekes heart for this web site and this fantastic product this case I believe it was a life saver!

Steve and Zeke

Keeping my sick dog healthy! 

Quincy, our 4-year-old boxer, was diagnosed with lymphoma in late October. He was given 4-6 weeks to live. We found K9 Critical Care while doing web searches about how to support Quincy to live his best life. Along with the prednisone he is on, he has been energetic, happy, and dare I say, healthy for 5 months and counting. I referred another boxer owner to K9 Critical Care, and she is experiencing similar results with her cancer-ridden dog.

Posted by Sheila on 15th Apr 2013

The Proof is in the Pudding

In November 2012, our 9-year-old Border Collie was diagnosed with lymphoma and a large tumor in her liver along with multiple smaller liver tumors. We started Holly on the K9 Critical Care right away. She was given one to two months to live. We had her rechecked in January. The tumor was still large and they gave her 5 days to 6 weeks to live. We continued the K9 critical care and just had her rechecked on March 21st. The tumor is now in regression and has shrunk considerably in size, Holly has gained all of her weight back, her coat looks great, gums look great, and she feels like a puppy again. Our vet is amazed and told us to keep doing what ever we are doing. She was cleared to compete in Disc dog tournaments this spring and summer. Seeing is believing.

Posted by Jimmy and Holly on 25th Mar 2013

K9 Critical Pack Saved My Dog's Life!!!!

On a Sunday while sitting in the sun, my girlfriend discovered a hard mass on the underside of our 14-year-old terrier/chihuahua. On the next day, we had the vet aspirate some cells, and they looked to be undifferentiated Mast Cells but we had the vet send them out just to be sure. On Tues, Wed, and Thus of that week this mass grew to 4 times the size and became this red, painful, oozing mess. Surgery was not an option because of location. The vet put her on steroids, pain pills, and antihistamines. On Fri, we got the results that our little girl had a grade 2 or 3 Mast Cell tumor. At this point nothing had changed with the medication, and our vet said that we would try some antibiotics because her white-blood count was elevated but comfort care was really all that was left. The K9 Critical Care showed up on that Sat, and we started right away and was saw results by the end of the second day. The mass stopped oozing, then returned to her normal skin color, and looked smaller. We are now 6 days into the treatment and the mass is gone, our dog is in high energy/spirits, and we are off all medications. We have also noticed that her coat looks great, her cataracts look smaller, and she goes number 2 at least twice a day, which never used to happen. Through the course of researching cures for this type of tumor we also discovered that the food we were feeding her was not good. We have switched to Acana mixed with organic apples, carrots, and yams. She loves this!!!! Thank you so much to the staff at Dogma because we were really tired of crying.

Posted by Unknown on 7th Mar 2013

Massive liver tumor

We were told that our 9-year-old Border Collie, a World Champion disc dog, only had one to two months to live at the beginning of Dec. 2012. She had already been through 2 thyroid carcinoma cancer surgeries in 2011 and 2012, after both surgeries the outer limits were clear and she was given a clean bill of health, the tumors occurred in the same region and the vet was concerned about this being lymphoma and said this could occur anywhere in her body. She began to lose weight a few months later in the fall of 2012, so we took her to the vet and found out that she now has a large tumor and multiple small tumors in her liver. We were told that she could live another month or two if we were lucky; we have passed the 2 month mark. We decided not to put her through chemo. Holly was put on prednisone and we changed her diet to a fish grain-free diet. We found out about the K9 Critical Care power pack after doing online research and figured it can't hurt. I can't prove that this is the reason why, but today she is bouncing around like a puppy and has regained all of the weight she had lost and shows no signs of not feeling well. A month ago the vet confirmed that the tumor was still there by feeling it and gave her anywhere from 5 days to at the most 5 to 6 weeks to live. All I know is that a month later she feels great and is happy and continues to thrive, you wouldn't know she had any thing wrong with her unless I told you, I give the credit to the K9 power packs and prayer, we are on our 3rd monthly power pack now. Two more weeks and we will pass the vet's latest maximum life expectancy. Every day from now on is a gift, thanks for making such a great product.

Posted by Jimmy on 22nd Feb 2013

Critical Care pack

I heard about K9 Critical Care from the website when I was learning more about bone cancer. My lab mix was diagnosed with it, and I wanted to learn about it and what to expect. Due to her age I didn't do any treatments. I decided to give this a shot as I had nothing to lose knowing my dog would pass away within 2 months. After one week she is getting up, following me around the house, she plays a little bit so this critical pack is working and has brought some life back in to her. Before putting her on the pack she was laying around and very depressed, not feeling good and when she did get up to go outside to potty she would hop around and now she puts weight on her leg and gets around much better. She has been on it for 2 weeks and I still give her pain meds in addition to the critical care pack. I hope this pack will allow us a little more time with her. She is definitely much more comfortable than she was before and feeling better than she did before starting her on the pack. I have changed her food to a no grain food as I wasn't able to do the petmix option having two dogs for cost purposes. I hope in the future I can also switch to the petmix. I did find a large mass on my other lab mix so I have also started her on the critical pack as well. Thank you so much for a GREAT product!

Posted by Wendy on 5th Feb 2013

Mast cell disease 

Our Irish Setter Auggie, 11 years old, was diagnosed with Mast Cell in June of 2012. The tumor was surgically removed in early July. Due to his age, we chose not to have chemo or radiation. His tumor came back, and he had another surgery in November. He was put on high dose steroids with a taper. However, he had an exacerbation of his condition in early December and became very lethargic with bleeding noted into the tumor that had recurred along with severe swelling in his leg due to the swelling. We rushed him to the vet who put him on Lasix to decrease the swelling and increased his Prednisone. Once again he returned to normal activity. I then researched your company and found the Critical Care Pack and ordered it despite my husband’s skepticism. It arrived within 48 hours of ordering, and we started him on it immediately. He absolutely loves the product. He still has obvious tumors on his abdomen but his activity level and appetite are extraordinary. Will continue to use the product as long as it continues to give him good quality of life.

Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2013


My dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma so I did some research online and came across the K9 Critical Care pack. I started him on it the week before his first chemo. He definitely seemed to have more energy then he did before he was on it. He has gotten through his first chemo treatment very well and so far so good. He's got a healthy appetite and energy level. I will continue to give him this product to help booster his immune system as he fights his illness.

Posted by Unknown on 4th Jan 2013


My Boxer had swollen lymph nodes under her neck for about two weeks. A fine needle biopsy revealed just reactive cells, but I was concerned. I did some online research and discovered your product. I started her on the product, and realized that she was losing weight and was anemic. She was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (white blood cell count was >350,000). She started chemotherapy. I believe that the K9 Critical Care helped her immunity, and to remain in remission since after the first chemo treatment! She is completing her chemo soon, and has gained weight, eating, and doing swell!

Posted by Sue on 3rd Dec 2012


My 9 ½-year-old retriever mix, Lacey, has had a mast cell tumor on her back right leg that has been removed twice. It's been 2 years, and I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it was returning and was about the size of a half dollar. I ordered you product due to the incredible reviews. I received it last Wed. and started her on it immediately. This morning I cannot feel any tumor! I am totally amazed! I may be able to cancel the vet appt. I had scheduled for next week. I keep feeling her leg thinking I must have just missed it, but as near as I can tell, it's gone!

Posted by Sarah on 20th Nov 2012


I started my dog on the power pack on Tuesday, after he was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma. Today is the following monday and he is doing remarkably well. I think these products have helped him feel really good! He had Chemo treatments the week before, and is also on Prednisone. He also gets much love and many prayers from all his admirers. Somehow I believe that the power pack has helped him feel like his old (younger) self again. He is perky and energetic, playful, and happy. Just how I want him to be. Thank you for these great products! I will order more tomorrow!

Posted by Gigi on 15th Oct 2012


My 10-year-old precious scotty dog Maxine was diagnosed with liver cancer with mets to the brain was given 2 weeks to live, she was scheduled for surgery and within 2 hours of surgery had grand mal seizure, so they ran tests ct scan, MRI and found metastatic cancer in brain and so ditched the liver cancer surgery and sent her home to die, I put her immediately on your products, all wonderful and in mind have cured cancer, also apocaps (that regenerate cells) MY DOG IS ALIVE and doing good except for occasional seizure, she eats, plays, is continent and has good quality of life! It is almost one year and a miracle I have had this time with her, and she may have found a cure. The cancer specialists can't believe it, her vet can't believe it, they poo poohed the naturapathic pills and YOU at Healthy Dogma have been wonderful and lifesavers! I just wished I knew they had naturapathic treatment for dogs because my other Scottie that died of bone cancer could have been cured I am sure with your products! Thank you!!

Posted by Patty Hupp on 28th Sep 2012

Critical Care

I am so impressed with your Critical Care supplements, healthy food choices and treats. Our wonderful dog of 12 years was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. We were devastated and had no idea what to do until we found you. Your website was full of information, and we were relieved to learn about the healthy food and supplement choices for our sweet dog. Quickly, we ordered the K9 Critical Care One, treats and Petmix Original Homemade Supplemental Dog Food. We were impressed how quickly the order arrived. Immediately, I began the regimen of your products and Prednisone. More impressive is the transformation our dog is making. He has been active, alert, and playful. He absolutely loves the products. A heartfelt "Thank you" for making them. We feel his life has been extended with a quality he deserves because of the care and concern you put into your products.

Posted by Marlene on 20th Sep 2012

Energy Galore!

My 9-year-old Dane Rotty cross was found to have bone cancer in front right wrist, and I decided not to have the amputation since with just taking a rymidal twice a day he doesn't limp. His first treatment was radiation to reduce the tumor. Then the K9 Critical Pack arrived. For the past couple of years his energy level has decreased, but after starting the K9 Critical Care I am amazed at his energy. Last night he was playing until 10:00. I know he is feeling good and happy. I would recommend this product. I wish the medical community would stop denying the value of these alternative treatments. They definitely make a difference.

Posted by K Velasquez on 15th Sep 2012

An Absolute Miracle

On or about Nov.27, 2011 our Brandy, an eight-year-old Black Lab, was rushed into surgery to remove a mast on her left side. After biospy testing, the terrible news of Mast Cell cancer was a horrible reality. My husband immediately Googled Mast Cell Cancer, the top sponsored sight was K9 Critical Care, he read the reviews and we purchased our first pack. Since the first purchase pack, we have continued to purchase a K9 Critical Pack a month. Today is Sept. 6, 2012 and absolutely not one tumor has returned!!! In combination with the K9 Critical Care we feed Brandy the Pet Mix. The nutritional combination has given our family a vivacious, beautiful Brandy. I firmly believe she was given a second chance of life, a great quality of life, due to these products!!!

Posted by Kimberly A. Boretsky on 5th Sep 2012

Thank you

Our beloved dog continues to do well. She was diagnosed with mast cell tumor cancer April 28th and thought she would have to be put down by May 2nd. She again is running the household and keeping everything in line. I thought we would never hear her beautiful voice--she could no longer even bark or get up on her own. She is a different dog. Thanks to prayer and your products.

Posted by Shirey on 4th Sep 2012


Our dog Drake has been through surgery for mast cell tumor and now has severe case of pneumonia. Vet suggests mast cell tumor could possibly have returned. He is not interested in food and trouble breathing. Please send as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance. Feel that my Lord has sent me to your website. God bless you for all that you do to heal animals.

Posted by Anne on 4th Sep 2012


Our dog Drake has been through surgery for mast cell tumor and now has severe case of pneumonia. Vet suggests mast cell tumor could possibly have returned. He is not interested in food and trouble breathing. Please send as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance. Feel that my Lord has sent me to your website. God bless you for all that you do to heal animals.

Posted by Anne on 4th Sep 2012

So Blessed to Have Found You!

When our 14-year-old black lab passed away in February, we were heartbroken. Two weeks later, our cat disappeared. To add to our emotional burden, shortly thereafter our 11-yr-old llewellin setter, Jill, was diagnosed with lymphoma. We started her on the chemo/prednisone protocol, in the hopes of giving her 3 months more to live. Then I found your website, and said to my husband, "I'm going to administer the K9 Critical Care Pack, while she's going through the chemo." 5 months later she is still going strong, has lots of energy and appetite, and blood work has been great! THANKYOU!

Posted by Robin on 16th Aug 2012


THANK YOU for getting my expedited order out for our dog Elsie this past Friday. I started her Sat the next day on addressing her osteosarcoma and she is already feeling better! I am hopeful she can pull this out. She is getting her "puppy" back! As she pulls thru I will be buying all her food and supplements from you. I also had a great talk with perhaps Tom on the phone as he helped me get the order out. Thanks so much. I'll keep you posted on her progress and when I re-order.

Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2012

Thank you so much

I was planning to have my dog put to sleep on Monday or Tuesday. I even contacted you and asked to cancel the order. You see, at that point Rita was in bed and I would bring her her favorite foods: salmon, crab, ham, whatever and she would turn her nose. I thought the end was definitely near. On Monday I received the K9 Critical Care package and was planning to send it back. That night I was upset and crying, and I decided to just give it a shot, even if the K9 Critical Care didn't work Rita was worth a try. I am so grateful I gave your product a chance. I gave her first round of wafers on Monday night. Tuesday morning I gave her a second round of the treatment. By Tuesday afternoon, when I brought her favorite food to her bed, she ate it. Tuesday evening, she again ate and was even asking for more. This morning, I gave her her third round of K9 treatment and when I started bringing out her food, she leapt out of bed. I could not keep her back as I was placing her salmon and other good stuff on the plate. She wolfed it down. Amazing.

Thank you so much. I will keep you posted.

Posted by Cheryl on 10th Jul 2012

Jack's Lymphoma 

My chocolate lab Jack was diagnosed with lymphoma the beginning of Dec 2011. As a nurse I know how quickly it can progress without treatment. Being Jack was to celebrate his 7th birthday in March, I opted for the chemo, which he completed in April. I was concerned because Jack had been on steroids most of his life due to severe skin allergies (atopy), and neither I nor the oncologist were sure he would ever go into remission. With that in mind I wanted something to booster his immune system when beginning his chemo, that's when I found K9 Critical Care Power Pack while searching the Internet. Thank God I did, right now he's in remission, feels great, is playful, has energy and actually his coat has never looked better. He goes to his oncologist for a monthly check on his lymph nodes and so far they remain nonpalpable (still praying and keeping my fingers crossed for a long term remission --they never call it a cure). I feel the Power Pack has definitely helped him go through his chemo without any severe reactions and has allowed him a remission. I've praised what I feel to be the all the positive benefits of the Power Pack to his oncologist, and I even take the brochures I receive in his order with me to hand out to dog owners I meet in the waiting room; there are just so many pups diagnosed with lymphoma and other forms of cancer. I feel when treating any cancer whether animal or human we must use supplements and diet to support the immune system and in turn help stimulate the body's natural response to fight the cancer. Thank you Tom and everyone at Healthy Dogma, and Jack thanks you too.

Posted by Karen Magee on 20th Jun 2012

On Death's Doorstep

My mother's pug, Cricket, was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. She was misdiagnosed at first and when they finally received the correct diagnoses the vet felt that she only had a week or so to live. The ultrasound should all of Cricket's lymph nodes enlarged. Cricket was not eating at this point, had severe diarrhea and was having issues breathing. In a frantic search to help my mom and her "baby" I came across K9 Critical Care. After spending three days at the animal hospital Cricket was stabilized and received her first chemo treatment. K9 Critical was waiting for mom when she got Cricket home. She immediately started her on the supplements. It was amazing!!! She not only got her appetite back but the lymph nodes could barely be felt and after her second treatment the doctor was amazed at how well Cricket was doing. Cricket just had her 5th chemo treatment and the vet wrote at the top of her assessment "Cricket is doing SPECTACULAR!!!". We definitely believe that K9 Critical is making the big difference in her progress.

Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2012

What a difference

I needed to write to you, I started visiting your site and using your products with my Beloved Faith, Pitbull, that was diagnosed with Cancer of the blood vessels. I also had an older dog 12 years old who suffered greatly from arthritis, and I thought by the looks of her that she would leave me shortly after Faith did in March of 2011. I started with your K9 Critical Care and Arthomaxx, what a difference, she is running around feeling great, and looks like a puppy again. It is truly unbelievable.
Thanks for all you do....

Posted by Debbie LaPointe on 2nd Jan 2012

Our beagle still cancer free!!

Our beagle was diagnosed in July of 2009 with a mast cell tumor on her back leg. It seemed to appear overnight, which is the nature of these tumors. I did research right away and found Healthy the supplements ordered ASAP, while we were waiting for surgery (I didn't want to delay!). She had an initial surgery, then had to see an oncology specialist for a 2nd surgery. It is now December 2011, and she is still on her Critical Care, Petmix food, and no recurrence in her leg! She's doing great! Very thankful for these products.

Posted by Gina on 19th Dec 2011

Healthy Dogma

I am so glad I found you guys!! I know you have saved my sweet baby Samantha's life. You are always so nice and helpful and understanding. Samantha lost her leg to bone cancer, and I know the supplements have saved her. Thank You!!

Posted by Kathy Groth on 4th May 2011

K9 Critical Care really works!

After finding out our beloved Rottie mix had gotten cancer (bone) I was devastated. I looked on the internet, and was directed to this site offering supplements to improve a dog's health. Needless to say, I was extremely doubtful, but as we were given only 2-4 weeks for our girl to be with us I figured I would try it out. Well, that was shortly afte r Christmas, and it is now after Valentine's day, so we have already passed the date the doctor's said (and we didn't even get her leg amputated because of her age.) As soon as I began giving the pills to her, I noticed she was different. It literally was only 2-3 days before she began getting up and moving around, whereas she had been lying on her pillow not even going outside at all. Also, her eyes became much clearer- which surely is a sign that something was working. Since then, we have had blizzards and ice storms, yet she continues to move around outside. She even went on a hike with our kids sledding, running (although slowly!) after them. She was out walking this time at least an hour! I had my doubts, but now truly believe these products do what is claimed. I have ordered my second pack, and will soon be needing my third. I am very happy with this product, and would recommend it to anyone.

Posted by Michelle on 4th May 2011

Critical Care kit

My Bernese Mt. Dog who was diagnosed in Nov.'09 with Osteosarcoma of the left leg has been on K-9 Critical Care for a good year. Along with diet this supplement has enabled Jackson to remain in remission. He celebrated his 7th Birthday in Feb. With continued use I hope to celebrate many more. Thank you Healthy Dogma and especially Tom.

Posted by Maracelle Mazor and Jackson on 4th May 2011

Gretchen 11 year old Australian Shepard

Gretchen was diangosed on 10/26/10 with mass cell melanoma of the throat and tongue. The vet said to pamper and spoil her and with any luck, we might have her until Christmas. Surgery removed 3/4 of a growth sized like an avocado the 1/2 of an egg sized one. We immediately started an aggressive and complete Healthy Dogma Critical Care Diet and medicine r egimen. She is happy and energetic and just had a second surgery to remove part of the recurring tumor. We still have her and she is healthier than she has been in over a year. We realize her time has been shortened over all, but her time with us has been extended and made a happy experience because of Healthy Dogma. The owners have answered our calls at 9:30 PM from home and responded to our needs with concern, understanding and positive support. Our vet was surprised with the results and supportive of our efforts with K9 Critical Care. She said she supports "whatever works" and this is working. We are recommending Petmix as a standard diet to our friends and have our 8-year-old Lab on the diet now too. They both really love it. Our thanks goes beyond health care. Healthy Dogma has added to our "heart care" too.

Posted by David Skiles on 3rd May 2011


Our 14-year-old lab was diagnosed with lung cancer and told she had, at the most, 1 month left. She was having trouble breathing, her third eyelid was constantly closed due to pressure from a tumor, she had several lumps on her body and she was lethargic. I found K9 Critical Care on the web and decided to give it a try. My husband was skeptical to say th e least. I'm happy to say that it's been a month and she has made a HUGE turn around. She's able to take 2 mile walks, is playing with our other dog, her eye has returned to normal, the lumps are all but diminished and she is breathing with ease. This product is nothing less than amazing!!

Posted by Jen S on 3rd May 2011

Supplements Purchased

I purchased 3 products from Healthy Dogma. They were shipped and received in a very timely manner. I ordered a product that i really didn't need and called them and sent the one needed ASAP. BEST THING ABOUT COMPANY THEY ACTUALLY TALK TO YOU AND HELP YOU!!!!

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

My 6 year old golden retriever

My 6-year-old golden retriever (who is otherwise a very strong, fit, happy boy) has recently been diagnosed with malignant lymphoma. I found what I thought was a swollen gland and took him in for a check. It was in fact the beginning stage of lymphoma, evidenced in 4 lymph nodes. In an effort to give his immune system an extra boost during, and most likely beyond, his six month chemo protocol, I have started him on the K9 immune supplements. He has only been on the supplements for about 10 days and has received one chemo injection. After one week, I can no longer feel the swollen nodes under his jawbone, at all!!! I am anxious to hear my vet's take on this speedy reaction to treatment when we do bloodwork today. Thanks to Healthy Dogma for providing what might be just what Sully needs to stay strong throughout this course of treatment and thanks to God for the many months or years I may be blessed with the companionship of my over achiever retriever.

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

I never write reviews

I never write reviews on anything but I just had to endorse the Birkdale Petmix product. We have two 8-month-old female Welsh Corgi Pembrokes and were searching for the best food to feed them. Last year we lost our 12 ½-year-old Corgi to mast cell cancer and after a lot of research became convinced that a better diet might have helped her avoid that. When we got our pups home from the breeder we noticed they already had developed food allergies to the dried kibble they were getting there and our Vet put them on some expensive kibble that they sold in their offices. They still exhibited signs of food allergies. When that expensive Vet food was out we switched to a highly rated kibble but the scratching and itching persisted. We again switched food to a kibble that was very highly rated and at the same time got some PetMix, which I made up and froze. One of the pups was very finicky and did not care for her new kibble so I threw in some frozen Petmix treats and she gobbled it all up. We then decided to wean them of the kibble and start feeding them the PetMix ,and their itching stopped and they lust to eat now. Our slow eater attacks her bowl with a vengeance now. It's been about three weeks and their coats are soft and shiny and beautiful. People are stopping us on our walks to tell us what beautiful healthy dogs we have. I told my niece about our dog food switch and she ordered it to try on her dog and my sister’s dog. Both of their dogs suffered from lack of energy and had terrible allergies and hot spots, etc. The Vet they went to wanted them to go to a dog allergist and get regular allergy shots. My sister called me a few days ago to tell me that both dogs had no more hot spots and had virtually stopped scratching and were much more energetic. Wow! I am always a skeptic about any product that claims to do so much but your product has produced incredible results in a very short period of time and my dogs freaking love it. Peace and respect - David Hickey

Posted by David Hickey on 3rd May 2011

I have been buying supplements for my best friend Bailey

I have been buying supplements for my best friend Bailey for about 7 months from Healthy Dogma. The Vets gave my Bailey a few months to live and wanted him to go through radiation and chemo. He has cancer in his mouth. He was twelve at the time. He is doing amazing and just had his 13th Birthday. At 13 I opted to go a different route. Thank God I found Tom. He is always a phone call away and always makes time for my questions. Yesterday I asked him what I could take not realizing he has a supplement company for humans.

Posted by June Pastman on 3rd May 2011

Our 10 1/2 year old Labrodor Retreiver Rambus

Our 10 ½-year-old Labrodor Retreiver Rambus was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 6 months ago. He was put on the Madison Wisconsin Short Protocol and his last shot is November 29th. He has been on K9 Critical Care since about a week after the chemo started. All I can tell you is he has gained back all his weight and is now within 2 pounds of his original weight before he got sick. He is doing GREAT and I would highly recommend the K9 Product to anyone in similar situation. The staff of Healthy Dogma has been great anwering questions and refilling orders. Special thanks to Tom for all his help....

Posted by Michael A. Rich on 3rd May 2011

Our Lab 

Our Lab was given 3 to 6 months to live. Started buying K9 Critical Care products at that time, and now after 18 months and our Lab has never looked healthier - the Vet can't explain it. The combination of daily prayer for our Lab and these products have been a lifesaver for him.

Posted by Bob Wlison on 3rd May 2011

When my boxer, Jake was diagnosed with lymphoma

When my boxer, Jake was diagnosed with lymphoma, the vet said it would be only a month or two before we would have to put him down. That was three months ago and Jake is still with us. He has his good days and his not so good days but I can attest to the critical care pack extending his time with us here on earth. He doesn't show any signs of suffering or pain, maybe slight discomfort with the swelling of his glands. Thank you for giving us a little more time with our beloved best friend.

Posted by Dave Wilcox on 3rd May 2011

Our little Pug 

Our little Pug, Butterbean, was diagnosed with MCT this past Spring. She was administered 2 rounds of 2 different kinds of chemo and she did not respond well, in fact her white cell count plummeted and she became gravely ill. We were told by our Vet to take her home and enjoy the limited time we had left with her. I immediately got on the internet and found your web site. I read everything you had on your site about the Canine supplements for critically ill (cancer) pets. I was so impressed by your assurance that we would be able to see a remarkable difference within a very short while, I had to order the Critical Care package - Butterbean is only 5 years old and normally is very robust and completely happy. She hardly moved and even refused food - which, as you know is unheard of in the world of Pugs. Within one week of taking your supplements, she had changed dramatically and was back to eating with vigor and scratching the floor by her bowl most of the day for more (PetMix) and she even gets very excited when we tell her it is time for her medicine (your supplements and a few other prescribed meds). Your commitment to helping critically ill and healthy pets (to avoid cancer) is remarkable, and we as owners of a beloved pet with plagued with cancer are eternally grateful for adding time to her life with us. I can recommend these supplements hightly to anyone who wants to help their pet recover and/or extend their lives.

Posted by Kathleen on 3rd May 2011

My 6 year old beagle

My 6-year-old beagle was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in July 2009. It appeared seemingly out of nowhere on her back left leg...luckily, my vet biopsied it and determined it was probably a mast cell tumor. She had her first surgery done by him, but the pathology came back as unclean margins. I researched right away and discovered the Critical Care power-packs and got her started right away. She had a follow-up surgery by specialists at a university and was given a good report. To this day there has been no recurrence of her cancer. After switching her food to the Petmix and another grain-free dry food, she actually lost over 2 pounds with no increase in activity! These products are wonderful and have given my beagle better health, and a longer life. Thanks

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

After doing some research online

After doing some research online regarding options in caring for (and hopefully keeping her happy and a bit healthier as long as possible) in dealing with my dog, Cricket's, bone cancer I called Healthy Dogma with some additional questions. They were very sympathetic and extremely helpful with suggestions regarding the proper nutrition and nutrients that might be helpful for Cricket. I was really impressed that they suggested it might be more economical for me to get natural food at my local pet store (to avoid excessive shipping costs) and even gave me the names of several brands to try. They did, however send a sample of their "PetMix" food along with the Critical Care Power Pack that I ordered. I was amazed that the package arrived within two days so I could get her started on the regimen right away. Cricket seems to prefer the Petmix food over the natural kibble that I got at the store so I plan to order more of that. In addition, although she's still limping, she seems to be a bit peppier than she had been recently. She even "insisted" on walking around the lake at the park over the weekend, rather than just going into the dog park area to sit with me, so I'm hopeful that this is a good sign that the regimen is beginning to help already.

Posted by Linda White on 3rd May 2011

I am extremely happy with Healthy Dogma

I am extremely happy with Healthy Dogma. I started working with them in November of 2008 after my dog, Snookums, had surgery for primary lung cancer. The person who worked with me was so supportive and helpful, made good suggestions, and was very positive. I use the supplements(K9 Transfer Factor, K9 Bio-Silymarin, K9 Critical Care and K9 Omega) and the dog food mix for Snookums and have been very pleased with the results. I usually order by phone because I like to talk to the staff and seek their advice with whatever questions have arisen since the last order. They are patient and have made numerous helpful suggestions. The order always arrives promptly and well packed. I have moved my other dog,Viva, onto the dog food and am considering several supplements for her after consultation with the vets. My veterinarian has read the Healthy Dogma materials and has supported me on this effort. So far, my Snookums is doing very well and hopefully, with the care I'm giving her from Healthy Dogma, she will continue to do well. And, last but certainly not least, the dogs love those homemade dog treats! :>)

Posted by Jeanette on 3rd May 2011

I have been doing business with Healthy Dogma for about 18 months and have had outstanding service. 

I have been doing business with Healthy Dogma for about 18 months and have had outstanding service. My dog was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. That was 18 months ago when I started with Healthy Dogma's food and supplements. She is still alive and doing well. Thank You Healthy Dogma and Tom Peters.

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

I am very impressed. 

I am very impressed. My 8-yr-old female lab had an osteosarcoma and her back leg was amputated. I was told it was very agressive, one of the worst and fastest our vet had seen. We put her on the k9 critical care, and changed food, etc. Its been over almost 5 months and she is testing great with blood work, and my vet says she has no sounds of anything in her lungs. My vet thinks we got it. Bottom line, I was told to enjoy what could be 2 months with her, and she is full of life, vigor and runs just as fast as her brother. IF its a back leg, its amazing how little impact it can have on the life of your dog! That was the biggest surprise. The second biggest is that she is thriving! One never knows with these things, but I have HOPE, and that is priceless to me. THANK YOU for what you are doing, from the bottom of BOTH of our hearts!

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

5 months ago boxer,Greta, developed what looked like an injury

5 months ago boxer,Greta, developed what looked like an injury on the tip of her nose. I though she had scraped it chasing squirrels or lizards in the back yard, but it kept growing. 3 months ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma of the skin. She had a tumor on the top of her nose the size of a silver dollar and 2 mm high. It was a raw, bloody, open wound and was spreading down the side of her nose. I was devastated. The vet said she had 4-6 months to live. I went online searching for help and found K9 Critical Care, transfer factor, Omega 3 and ProBiotix. I also switched her dog food as recommended. We saw improvement within 2 weeks. 3 weeks ago it was pink new skin and now, though a bit of her nose is gone, there is no visible tumor at all. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago for a check up because I wanted to know if she had something in her stomach or if she was just getting fat. Turns out she had gained 5 lbs. The vet said this cancer is a nasty one and can spread anywhere in the body. He had never seen a dog this far into this disease looking so well and asked me for information about what I was treating her with. Thank you!

Posted by Susan Ralph on 3rd May 2011

Delivery of product has always been good

Delivery of product has always been good, but one should know that it's the fact that people pick up the phone that really sets them apart. I have a dog with cancer and they were great about taking a moment to work with me and help me understand their products.

Posted by Paul Ganem on 3rd May 2011

My 8 year old Rottie/Lab mix

My 8-year-old Rottie/Lab mix was diagnosed with lymphoma in Nov 2009. I immediately went online to find out how I could help combat it. I found K9 Critical Care, read the testimonials and gave it a shot. On last report (Feb 2010) my dog's CBC bloodwork came back as a healthy dog - all within range! My Vet now recommends your product to other clients whose pets have cancer....

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

My experience with Healthy Dogma

My experience with Healthy Dogma was wonderful. My package was missing and Mr. Peters did everything he could to help me find it. His products are saving my dog's life.

Posted by Rita Roberts on 3rd May 2011

very fast service!

very fast service! great products, has definitely given some energy back to our little fur angel who's fighting hemangiosarcoma....thank you.

Posted by Daisy Allison Branch on 3rd May 2011

I have had an excellent experience

I have had an excellent experience with Healthy Dogma. Tom did a great job of explaining how these products could benefit my dog and help her fight cancer (I initially called when she was very sick and did not have a good prognosis). We have been extremely pleased with her progress and have been loyal users of both the Critical Care and Transfer Factor for at least 6 months now. For those of us with sick dogs, this is a wonderful product (that I truly believe works) to supplement the care you are receiving from your Vet.

Posted by Kelly S on 3rd May 2011

My dog has Lymphoma.

My dog has Lymphoma. One of my friends suggested your company and I have been ordering the supplements and transfer factor ever since. My dog has out-lived her 6 months expected life her on earth by 6 months. I pray she continues to do so well, and I guarantee you, she will continue on these supplements. I am Registered Nurse and I am very impressed with the professionalism of Tom and Mary Beth. Thank-you Healthy Dogma. I don't think my rescue lab would be alive today without your help. Marilyn Ranck, Flowery Branch, Ga.

Posted by Marilyn Ranck on 3rd May 2011

My little buddy Mario

A year ago after finding out news my little buddy Mario a Yorkshire Terrier had Lymphoma I was devastated. I went on a mission determined to help my Mario beat this. I would not listen to anyone and felt in my heart there has to be something out there and just knew with prayer and hope something special and magical could happen. While searching the internet I found Healthy Dogma with a heavy heart I read the wonderful stories from other people who have used their products. I truly did not know is this site was just another one of those scam sites or just a money making hoax so I decided to call and personally spoke with Tom Peters. I explained to Tom look I found out some bad news and told him all about it and was so sad and very determined to find some way to help this little special angel who has given me so many years of joy I could never pay him back for all the joy he has given me and my wife. I love this little dog with all my heart. So I explained a lot to Tom and one question I asked him. I said please tell me if this product that will help fight cancer is for real or am I throwing my money away. I asked him to please tell me if this is a scam like many things on the market because if it is please let me know this means too much to me. Tom said to me have you read the articles. I said yes and with that Tom said what does that give you? I said hope. Tom said Tony you have hope and Tom went on to tell me how important this is to him. So I took tom on his word and did what he told me. I cannot thank Tom enough and if it were not for Tom I would probably not have my buddy here. Mario has been through so much and with Tom’s help, lots of prayer, tons of love and HOPE, and an amazing doctor. We have given Mario the tools to fight. I am amazed every day to see what the supplements I get from Healthy Dogma do for Mario. Thank you Tom you’re an angel sent to me from heaven 🙂 God Bless

Posted by Anthony Spinelli on 3rd May 2011

My experience with Healthy Dogma

First and foremost, Tom Peters is a wonderful man and I appreciate his knowledge and kind spirit. My experience with Healthy Dogma was very positive and the cancer diet and products were instrumental in extending the life of our beloved Hogan - a 13-year-old Sheltie who was diagnosed with cancer in August 2008 and lived a good quality of life for several months more than the experts said he would. The cancer was much slower in recurring post surgery due to the supplements and diet from Healthy Dogma. It is because of the knowledge Tom shared with us regarding commercial brand dog foods, that we now have our new Sheltie puppy, Henley on a grain-free diet for his health and quality of life. He is vibrant and thriving! Thank you, Tom Sheila and Barry Brake Clarksville, TN

Posted by Sheila and Barry Brake on 3rd May 2011

I was very happy with Healthy Dogma right from my very first phone call.

I was very happy with Healthy Dogma right from my very first phone call. Our dog, Sammy was diagnosed with cancer this spring. She was not given very long to live. We turned to Healthy Dogma to try to give her immune system a boost to fight the Cancer. I was only sorry I hadn't found out about their products sooner. Sammy lived until the Fall. Her diagnosis was grave, but the quality of her life was so much better after changing her diet and giving her supplements. She was our perky old puppy again for a little while. I would say although her Cancer was not erased, the products improved the quality of her life for her last few months. Having a little more quality time with her made us all very happy.

Posted by Sammy's Mommy on 3rd May 2011

I purchased K-9 Critical Care

I purchased the K-9 Critical Care Packs and the Pet Mix for my Black Lab who had lymphoma. He was undergoing chemo at the time. There was a noticeable difference in the way he tolerated the treatments after using the K-9 Critical Care and he really loved the Pet Mix. Sadly the cancer eventually won out but I believe the K-9 Critical Care gave him a better quality of life. I plan on giving my new pup the Pet Mix when he gets older. When calling Healthy Dogma to discuss their products, I felt there was a genuine concern on their part for my dog.

Posted by RatePoint Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

My Benny

First of all I want to say that Tom Peters is a most kind and compassionate person who really cares about the service and the welfare of your pets, very few companies could hold a candle to Healthy Dogma. My Benny had a tumor on the leg, and also cancer in other parts of the body. I bought the immune tablets for him and his whole well being improved (sent before and after photos) all within two weeks. His cancer was advanced and had I started this sooner I am sure he would have recovered or the cancer at least halted. The vet had told me he had weeks to live, but these tablets gave him months of improved life. These days when money has to be spent wisely, it is worth it to go with a reputable company. I will have more dogs in the future, and I will be a Healthy Dogma customer. The company with heart deserves to have continued support and prosperity. Thank you for your kindness and amazing product during the most difficult time in my life with my beloved Ben..namaste.

Posted by Rosemary Fox on 3rd May 2011

I have a lot of faith in your product.

I have a lot of faith in your product. We ordered the K-9 Critical Care Supplements and they came promptly. The contents are just what any dog with cancer needs. And the price was reasonable. Unfortunately, our 12-year-old Golden had to be euthanized due to an edema that formed in the leg where the tumor was. He was spry and healthy in every other way but it was evident that the leg was causing him discomfort. That said, I will use your maintenance products with our dogs in the future before they get cancer or get as bad as our Buster did. We just did not know about your fine company.

Posted by Rate Point Reviewer on 3rd May 2011

Tom's help and his product has been amazing.

My dog Diva was diagnosed with B Cell Leukemia back in June 2008 and was given 6 weeks to live, its been a year and a half and she is still with me and doing well (knock on wood)! I continue to give her the K9 Cancer Power Pack. Thank you for your amazing product!

Posted by Mickie on 3rd May 2011



I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. I believe that it allowed me to spend 5 more months with my dog, Sammy. Sammy was like a cat with nine lives - he survived getting a tri-hook stuck in his paw, a collision with a train (he lost an ear from that ), and being shot by someone with a BB gun. Unfortunately, the black tumor that he was diagnosed with, along with old age, was a little too much for him to overcome. The vet gave him at most 2 months to live and said that it would be very painful for him. I started him on your product about a week later after doing some research on the internet. He was able to enjoy our daily walks (eventually, he couldn't walk as far) and living with little pain up until the last month. He would have some good days followed by some bad days. Whether it was the arthritis or the cancer, I am not really sure. He took the decision to euthanize him from us by dying a half an hour before we were to take him to the vet. He was a great dog! Thank you for your help and support.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Posted by Jennifer on 24th Mar 2010

Immune System Therapy for Dogs

Immune system enhancement can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for dogs with cancer.


Hi Tom,
Thank you so much for your products which have, without condition, improved Scotty's life. . .Scotty was diagnosed via catscan with nasal adenocarcinoma (cancerous growth in his left nostril) in Sept. of 2008. My husband and I decided after much consideration not to have him undergo the traditional radiation/chemotherapy treatments because we felt it would be too hard on him. That being said, Scotty's doctors predicted he would only live for another three months.
In desperation, I found your site and immediately ordered your product and the results have been amazing! Not only did Scotty surpass his three month life sentence, but he's now in his tenth month after diagnosis, and he's a very happy dog!
Here's a photo of Scotty with his brother Charlie walking in the park. Doesn't he look good? Thanks again very much!

Posted by Tracy on 22nd Feb 2010

Sage is doing fabulous.

Sage is doing fabulous. I’m pretty sure you spoke with Margo Roman, her vet. Sage has had a Lymphoma diagnosis for almost 2 years now. And she acts like a 3 year old. Turns 10 in June. Off to take a walk with my precious girl.
Attached a couple of pictures of Sage and Paco (our newest boy)

Thanks for everything,

Posted by gina on 4th Mar 2010


Snickers has been taking your product since January of this year and loves it. He is a 5-year-old yorkie who was diagnosed with Stage 3 mass cell cancer and was only given 9 weeks to live in December. We just went for his check up and his vet was shocked to see how well he is doing. He acts like a puppy and they found no signs of his cancer during his check up. It has been 10 months now and I truly feel blessed to have found your product and still have my healthy and happy best friend with me. Thank you so much. I will send you a picture to prove just how well he looks and acts.

Posted by Tina on 22nd Feb 2010


Thanks so much for all of your advice and help. Foster lost his battle to brain cancer on April 27. It was a devastating lost, but I am convinced your products kept him with us longer and better than his time would have been without them. Again, thanks for everything, but I am sure you can understand my hope of not needing your services on my new rescue. I am hoping to keep him healthy and cancer free for a long time!

Posted by Deb on 22nd Feb 2010

Snookums Update

Snookums' lung X-ray looked really good--best since surgery according to the vet who is very supportive of what I'm doing with your products. She's eating the petmix with 85% lean ground beef, getting the Transfer Factor in her food (won't touch it as a treat), same with Omega. The K9 Critical Care capsules are still a challenge but we do them!
Earlier this month Snookums was coughing again and I was really worried. X-rays again and better yet! Sent to the specialists in Tucson who did her surgery and they agreed that these were THE BEST LUNG X-rays since the surgery in October! Our "monsoon" season has since started here and her coughing stopped----conclusion is she was allergic to something blooming or seeding. Doing fine.
As I said, cautiously optimistic, but thought you'd like to know how we're doing.
Sincerely, Jeanette

Posted by Jeanette on 22nd Feb 2010


I just had to share with you and the rest of the staff. Snookums had another lung xray Wed and the vet said it was the "best since her surgery" last October. We've been on your products since before Christmas with my vet's approval. He's amazed at how well she has done--six months now and clear! Am cautiously optimistic, but so happy. She and Viva and i are walking about a mile to mile 1/2 every day. She's eating well and taking all the Healthy Dogma supplements plus the food mix with ground beef. Critical Care capsules are still a bit of a challenge, but we're doing it! I open the Omega and mix with the food.
Thanks! Thanks!

Posted by Jeanette on 22nd Feb 2010


Hello, I just re-ordered the Cancer- Power- Pak for our little Hattie (12 yrs. old). She has been taking the Power-Pak for the past 2 month, and I am thrilled and happy to report that Hattie is doing great. Hattie still coughs once in a while, but she is full of energy and as happy as can be.
Next month is Hattie's yearly check-up, shots etc. and she will have an X-Ray again.
I will let you know how it turns out.
Thank you for your help ,
Hattie and Elizabeth

Posted by Elizabeth on 22nd Feb 2010


I placed a custom 3 month order with you last November for my black lab, Magic. She was undergoing chemo at that time and still is. You were very kind in tailor making the order for her weight and I am hoping you can do that again as it saved me quite bit of money. You spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone explaining K-9 Supplements.
I have to tell you that my dog is doing very well on the chemo and has been ever since she started on the K-9 Supplements. She is up to 72 pounds now so I assume that you would want to increase her to 7 pills a day from 6? She is also on the Transfer factor and the Omega caps. She LOVES the Critical Care treats too that you were so wonderful to include. I have to tell you a strange story regarding the K-9 Supplements that even has the vet scratching his head.
Prior to Magic's diagnosis and subsequent chemo her muzzle had been turning quite gray. As she started her chemo and K-9 Supplements we noticed a MARKED decrease in her gray muzzle hair about 3-4 weeks after starting all these supplements and chemo. I noticed it first then my husband noticed (I hadn't even mentioned it to him). I pointed it out to my vet who then started really watching it. He finally admitted that it was true....her gray hair was VERY diminished on her face. He did not have an explanation but wouldn't attribute it to the K-9 or the chemo. He truly was astonished.
Well, about 3 weeks ago I noticed a slow return of the gray muzzle and Magic's coat being a little duller and tons of shedding. She had also been shedding very little since the chemo and K-9 Supplements which was very unusual as she had always been a terrible shedder. Anyway, to make a long story short, when I took Magic in for blood work and a weigh in she had crossed the 70 pound mark and was in fact 72 pounds. I decided to increase her to the 7 caps a day as recommended about 10 days ago. Well, her shedding seems to have decreased, her coat looks very black and shiny and her gray muzzle is going away again!!!
I can't believe it! I am taking her for blood work this week to prepare for her next round of chemo on Thursday and I am going to show the vet! Anyway, she has 5 or 6 treatments left and I am just praying that her lymphoma stays in remission for a decent amount of time. I will continue the supplements for the rest of her life though. I am certain of that! I will be contacting you soon regarding my next order. I didn't want to call today being Super Bowl Sunday so I thought I would email you with my intentions. I hope that you don't mind.
Thank you so much for your time,
Sally and Magic

Posted by Sally on 22nd Feb 2010

No Symptoms!

Hi Tom,
I just want to tell you how our 10-year-old lab is doing. As you know, she has been getting your K9 Critical Care Power Pack ever since she was diagnosed about 7 months ago with a nasal chondro-sarcoma. We had her to the vet for her annual check-up last week, and I am knocking wood as I tell you what they wrote in their report: "FEELS GOOD, NO SYMPTOMS OF NASAL TUMOR CURRENTLY. NO SYMPTOMS OF ARTHRITIS. DOING WELL CURRENTLY. SUCH A NICE DOG!" That's a quote, and I just had to share it with you. No surprise that we continue our Healthy Dogma products.

Posted by Frank on 22nd Feb 2010


I have now been giving "Ruby" my vizla your k9 critical care for 15 days and the results are remarkable. My vet was expecting me to bring her in to put her to sleep. When I brought her in to remove her surgery stiches he said "what did you do?" So I showed him your K9 product plus the Transfer Factor and he asked me for a copy of the info page you sent me.
I was so glad to talk to you a couple of Sundays ago when you happened to be in the office. Ruby is like her old self again. I am feeding her lots of protein like you said. I wish I could find a good dog food so I don't cook two meals a day for her. The hemionsircoma tumor was not removed, so I am hoping that following you suggestions of antioxidants and diet will take care of her cancer. I can't believe how well she looks! As far as the vet was concerned it was a matter of "weeks".
Ruby is a beautiful red Vizla with long ears and a cinnamon coat. Intelligent and energetic. I have kept her indoor for a month, so she would not bleed internally from the tumor. THANK YOU! I would like to be one more success story on your web site!
- Betty

Posted by Betty on 22nd Feb 2010

The whole family orders

Hello Tom,
My Chocolate Labrador passed away last October. He was nearly 15 years old! After he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, we put him on the K9 Critical Care for Canines and we saw dramatic improvement. Not only did his tumor shrink, his coat was shiny and full, he gained his appetite, and he even started growing brown hair where it used to be gray! I truly believe that if he wasn't on this supplement, he would have left us a lot sooner. His improvement and his prolonged life inspired my whole family to take the supplements from your human company!! Hence the big orders!
In fact, my friend's father had stomach cancer, and was going through chemotherapy when I introduced this product to him. After taking the Colostrum and Critical Care for a month, his white blood cell count dramatically improved, and even his doctor was astounded! He didn't even lose a lot of physical strength. My cousin started taking it after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She's been on chemo, but she hasn't lost much stamina, and she already is starting to grow her hair back! She is absolutely thrilled! Meanwhile, I have had some cervical issues due to HPV. After taking my Critical Care and Colostrum for half a year, I went back for a check-up and my doctor happily reported to me that I am no longer in this high risk group because my immune system has improved dramatically. It's an incredible feeling! I have to say, I also get a ton of compliments on my hair--lots of volume and luster, and I even noticed my few gray hairs that I had are gone!
Pretty amazing!
I want to thank you for this amazing line of products. We all feel safe taking them as well because it's organic and made here in the U.S. I am most grateful for the time I got to share with my beloved dog--surely it would not have been possible without this wonderful line of supplements. It gave him life, a whole year longer!
With much gratitude,

Posted by Nami on 22nd Feb 2010


Hi Tom,
Thanks to your food and medicine, Mac is still with us! Please send me another One Month Medium Dog Cancer Power Pack. Thank you

Posted by Suzanne on 22nd Feb 2010


Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your kindness when I first called regarding my dog's (Hunter) advanced Lymphoma. I know I was tearful and upset and you were a voice of calm and reason. Well, it will be a month on Tuesday, and Hunter has done a "180". When first diagnosed he had several tumors in the lymph nodes of his neck, front legs, and back, he had also lost 30 pounds. He was listless, not interested in eating, and would throw it up when he did eat. He went downhill so fast, I thought we would be putting him down within a week, even though the initial diagnosis was 4-6 weeks to live.
We immediately started researching and put him on a fresh meat and broccoli diet. And, then we found you. Within a week of being on the K9 and transfer factor, his tumors had shrunk in half, in two weeks we could not find them. His appetite is back to normal and he's back to a healthy weight. His energy level is not completely back to what it was, but almost. We also have him on the Prednisone, but I feel safe enough to have cut the dose into a quarter of what he was initially on (in conjunction with my vet, and on a prednisone taper). Words cannot say enough about your products. At only 7 years old we were not prepared for him go- especially as we have an 11-year-old dog that is his best friend.
I have every intention of using your products for the rest of his life span however long that may be- but, I am comforted by the fact that he is so much healthier.
Thanks again, and feel free to use this in your testimonials if you like.

Posted by Mary on 22nd Feb 2010


Hi Tom,
Thank you very much for your honesty, prompt help and kind words. I look forward to buying more for years to come!

Posted by L F on 22nd Feb 2010


Just wanted you to know that Shadow seems to be doing fine. Thanks for asking. The last time he was at the vet they couldn't believe how good he looked. This is the dog they suggested be put down in April (its now October 14). He runs and plays like a pup. He gets tired faster but we all do when we get old and he is 10 now. I never thought he would make it.
Thanks again,

Posted by Linda on 22nd Feb 2010


Hi Tom,
I just placed another order for Sage. She's doing great. Thanks for everything. It's just amazing how well she's doing. All she gets is a raw food diet, your pet mix and the K-9, transfer factor and some fish oil. Her Lymphoma diagnosis was over 6 months ago but even before that her lymphocytes were elevated. Anyhow, we believe in your products and my holistic vet has asked for the name of your company and website more than once.

Posted by Gina on 22nd Feb 2010


-Dear Tom,
I just wanted to update you on my dog Diva.
She had her blood taken on Tuesday and the vet called me last night to give me some good news finally! Her lymphocytel levels went from 152,000 down to 42,000!!! I know it’s due to your products!

Posted by Michelle on 22nd Feb 2010


I don't know if you recall speaking to me on the phone back in June. My 12 year old dog, Steppenwolph, had just been diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma in his left nostril, a very aggressive tumor. He had several nose bleeds prior that lead us to the cancer diagnosis. The week I received your product he had a very serious bleeding episode that put him in the ICU of a local emergency vet hospital for three days. They had a very hard time stopping the bleeding. His doctors told me to prepare for the worse. They had not seen a nasal tumor bleed like this and felt it may have progressed too far to do anything about it.
At this point, he had not seen an oncologist yet. We had been referred to the University of Georgia teaching hospital and had our first appointment scheduled the day after his release from ICU. He was very weak and I feared there wasn't anything they could do for him but I drove him to Athens, GA anyway. They gave him an exam and felt if he could take a week to recover with no new problems we could look at the possibility of radiation therapy. I continued giving him the Critical Care, 4 caps per day. I also received some other herb treatments from another source during this week and started him on those as well. His red blood cell count improved and he started feeling much better.
On our next visit to the University they were very impressed at how well he was doing. He received a full exam including ultra sound of his organs and full pre-anesthesia work up. A CAT scan of his nose showed that the tumor had completely filled the left side of his nose but had not invaded the bone or broken past the nasal cavity. His blood count was still low but improving daily. With the exception of the tumor and anemia he was in perfect health. We started the radiation treatments right away.
12 treatments for 4 weeks, including 10mg of Prednisone daily to decrease the tumor's inflammation and Clavamox, and antibiotic to avoid a possible secondary infection. The treatments went uneventfully with very little side effects or complications. The anesthesia three times per week barely affected him.
Once we were done he had lost a little bit of hair around his left eye and had a little swelling of his left gums. His doctors were amazed at his turn around. And so was my bank account...the cost of the treatment was $800 less than the estimate given!! All due to the lack of "usual" problems most dogs experience he didn't have. It has now been almost two months since he finished treatment. We didn't go through the expense of more x-rays or CAT scan to see if the tumor actually shrunk. But he can breath through the left side of his nose again! No more sneezing and not a drop of blood lost since July. Steppenwolph is back to his pre cancer, happy, energetic self again. This type of cancer isn't curable with radiation. About the best it can do is give him another year or two of symptom free life. But that doesn't count the help he has gotten from the Critical Care and other herbal treatments he has been getting all this time. And his doctors said something helped him during this period they didn't expect. I'm planning on continuing those for the rest of his life.
Thanks again. K9 Critical Care is a wonderful product!
Jim and Steppenwolph

Posted by Jim on 22nd Feb 2010


While I can't prove it worked, this is what happened. Phric was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. The tumor was surgically removed and the follow on therapy recommended was for him to undergo radiation for six weeks. We decided this would literally destroy his personality and greatly endanger him with the number of times he would be anesthetized, to say nothing of the fact a portion of him would be burned to a crisp. In the meantime I found your product and decided to try it as well as changing his diet to healthier foods, all in the name of trying to improve his immune system, which Western therapy was ignoring.
Several weeks after his surgery all looked well as we did not find evidence of other tumors or signs the cancer had invaded his organs. At that time he had been taking your K-9 for two weeks. I reduced your recommendation to a third, given he appeared not to tolerate the full dosage. A week later I found another tumor on the side of his face. It was diagnosed as more fibrosarcoma and surgery was scheduled for its removal two weeks later. A few days later it appeared the tumor was shrinking. Three days before surgery it had shrunk to a spot with no evidence of any mass. The Vet recommended it be removed anyway and sent off to pathology. The report showed no evidence of sarcoma! The area is now completely clear with no evidence anything was there.
He has since gained some weight and is back to his goofy personality... I am now a believer in polysaccharides and his litter mate Phrac, is also now on a low dosage of your product.
So, why did the sarcoma come and go? I suspect I have the answer to that question, I just can't prove it...
Dr. R.M. Clemmons' paper, Integrative Treatment of Cancer in Dogs, got me interested in doing a lot more research on canine cancers. What I found is the Western medicine approach is far short of what therapy is available in the treatment of dogs with cancer and extremely intrusive. Potential customers for your product will find oncologists are like republicans and democrats - they don't agree on anything. So, what are they to do? They can spend inordinate amounts of money on Western therapies, with no guarantees, or try your product. They need to consider what they have to lose, if they don't...You can send this or any part of this email to potential customers, I don't want anything from you in return. I am simply very happy you developed the K-9 product, and now have more than anything I could have asked for...

Posted by Jerry on 22nd Feb 2010


We spoke the week of June 16 when I ordered the K-9 Pack and you sent a sample of your dog food mix.
Timbuktu ("Timmy") has been on the supplements going on 3 weeks. Although I do not yet see the results others have written about, I am still hopeful. He is still eating and drinking and is responsive. Both the dogs LOVE the food (we weren't able to try it until we returned from our vacation). Am hoping to do a complete switch, but both dogs have had problems throughout the years with food, so need to check with our vet--he's into holistic treatment so I don't think it will be a problem.
I appreciate your talking with me and am glad to know through the testimonials you are always willing to lend a helping hand.
Best regards,

Posted by Linda on 22nd Feb 2010


We got Bixby from a rescue group. He is a Border Collie mix, about 6 years old. Extremely smart, full of life. Loves to eat. In October, 2006, he started rubbing the right side of his face everywhere - the coach, floor, walls, etc. Then we noticed redness and drainage from his right eye. His regular vet said it could be allergies and treated his symptoms as that - antihistamines, eyedrops and prednisone. No improvement from the medications. I took him to another vet because I started to notice an odor from the drainage and he started scratching the right side of his face and his right eye, so we had to place an E Collar to prevent him from reaching his eye.
The bad news was this vet noticed his face being asymmetrical. Muscles were starting to atrophy. His right eye started to roll because of the lack of muscle control. They kept him for more tests. He had no sensation in his left nostril so the combination of all his symptoms arrived at a diagnosis of brain tumor. To relieve some of the symptoms, he was prescribed antibiotics, prednisone, eyedrops, neurontin. We were told to return after two weeks. On the next visit, the vet said she did not think she could do anything more for Bixby. She said to keep him comfortable. If we wanted to pursue more tests and treatments, they would cost thousands of dollars and a lot of discomfort for Bixby.
I left the office that day extremely depressed. I could not imagine Bixby being sick.
He is always happy and keeps us happy. I decided to go on the internet to do some research. I arrived at your website and read all the wonderful stories from pets recovering from cancer. Therefore, I ordered the K9 Power Pack. It did not take long for his symptoms to diminish. I continued ordering and giving him the products. The right side of his face started to fill in after approximately three months. It was after Christmas when we saw more progress. I believe his condition has stabilized. His appetite is good. No change in his physical functions. He has not deteriorated since we started the K9 products. We are now 9 months using K9. I give him 8 capsules a day, 4 in the morning and 4 at night. Thank you for great life-saving and life-prolonging products! I have stopped crying for Bixby. He is going to be with us for a long time. I am really convinced that K9 has kept him alive. I will keep you posted. I will share this story to as many folks as I can.

Posted by Lennie on 22nd Feb 2010


As I received my regular order from Healthy Dogma today, I thought about how fortunate I am to have found your company and I just wanted to say thanks. Two years ago, my darling rottweiler, Dakota, was diagnosed with bone cancer and had one of her back legs amputated. After one year and many rounds of chemo, I was told that the cancer had spread to her lungs and that she had 3 months at most to live - that was 1 year ago.
I thank God that I found your company. Today, Dakota is a very healthy and happy dog and our vet has no explanation he can offer. But I don't need an explanation - I know why, Healthy Dogma. Thank you so much for giving us another year with our dog - you will never know how much it means to us.
Sincerely,- Jill

Posted by Jill on 22nd Feb 2010


When I contacted Healthy Dogma a month ago my vet told me my dog had only 3 months to live maybe 4 months at best. He could not stand at all, I had to put a harness on him so I could lift him up enough to take him out. As he is a rottweiler this was not an easy task, he was miserable and looked sick.
After just two weeks on k9 he was able to get up by himself and walk outside, he is walking with a limp but this product has given me real hope where there was none. The difference in my dog both in the way he looks and his obvious happy demeanor has me believing in miracles, whatever the outcome I know I am giving my dog a real chance with this amazing product. I also want to point out that this company have the best deals, and treat their worried customers with kindness and understanding, which was not the case with the people I called before them, I was very surprised to find how many people do not know that this product exists....but I will keep spreading the word , thank you so much.
After 14 Days on Birkdale
Benny, before taking Birkdale - Benny gaining weight and happier after 14 days on Birkdale
ps Tom, thank you so much for your help.

Posted by Rosemary on 22nd Feb 2010


Hi Tom,
I spoke with you almost 2 months ago regarding my 9-year-old dog, Maya.
I really appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone educating and providing thoughtful recommendations. As a reminder, her primary symptom was one sided nose bleeds, an indication of nasal cancer. The general vet and specialist both noted that it is an aggressive cancer with a 4 month prognosis. Difficult to diagnose and pin point, medical treatment would be costly and invasive with no guarantees. Also, the expectation was that treatment would only extend her chance of survival by a year since radiation is not considered a cure for cancer.
Not satisfied, I started to research the web to find alternatives. I found your website, saw the testimonials, and decided to try the K9 Cancer Power Pack. At this point, I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. When we spoke, you also recommended that I put her on the Pet Mix and feed her more protein (which I have used for over a month now). The first 3 weeks were tough as Maya still had frequent nosebleeds (about once or twice a week). However, her energy level was off the charts, which I considered a good sign. Her second month has been incredible.
She has not had a nosebleed for 3 weeks running now. Her energy and quality of life remains high, and as a side benefit, she is slowly losing weight on the Pet Mix (she is overweight and been trying to lose weight for years). I have no problem getting her to take the pills mixed with the Pet Mix, which I alternate making with various meats (she loves it). I'm continuing to keep her on the full dosage and will reach out to you in another month or so to give you another status. I remain optimistic that she will continue to make good progress. Please feel free to use my testimonial for your website. I hope that it will help others in a similar circumstance. Attached is a photo of Maya. She loves the water and will hopefully be swimming with us all summer long!
Warmest Regards

Posted by Mary on 22nd Feb 2010


Hi Tom,
I wanted to drop you a note to let you know we had to have Sasha put to sleep. She developed a condition called Degenerative Myelopathy which is much like MS in humans. What is amazing is it was almost one year to the day after she was diagnosed with cancer. You and your wonderful products were such a blessing to us and without question were a huge part in Sasha living so long after getting cancer. The K9 Supplements, Transfer Factor, and Pet Mix were nothing short of miraculous in her treatment. When she was diagnosed with the cancer, the doctors gave her 90 days to live.
One year later and after being on your products she was still the vibrant and active German Shepherd we all loved to have in our family.
This DM came out of nowhere and was just awful. In a matter of one week her quality of life ceased to exist. She was 12 1/2 when she was put to sleep and had lived a good long life for a GSD. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the K9 Supplements and your other great products are what gave us one more year with her. A few months ago we took her to the vet for a cancer checkup. They ran their blood tests and X-Rays and couldn't find any signs of the cancer that was there before we started using your stuff. You have always been wonderful to deal with on the phone and in email and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you do to help others daily. Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime.
Take Care,

Posted by Ray on 22nd Feb 2010


I've been using K-9 Critical Care supplements and Transfer Factor for my dogs for a few years (or longer) and I'm definitely a believer as well. Also although no proof, I really believe when I cut Rexie's and Cassie's doses back to maintenance (instead of keeping them on the full dose) is when Rexie's hemangeosarcoma returned and Cassie's started.
Cassie's holistic vet recommended mushroom therapy for an inoperable tumor deep in her shoulder. She was on them for a couple of years and the tumor shrunk down some (more importantly - it stopped growing). At the same time she had a spindle cell carcinoma on her tail - the whole tail had to be removed, so it was a good follow-up therapy for that. The hemangoesarcoma was a later surprise.
I've found the vets (other than holistic) and vet specialists (like oncologists) will tell you your wasting your money and call it all unsubstantiated hype. But don't believe them because they don't have any experience with it and won't open their minds to the possibility that something other than what they've been taught can help (or work).
Further my husband uses their people version to stay healthy. When he doesn't use it he spends most of the fall and winter fighting colds/flu/viruses - when he takes it daily during those months, he doesn't get sick at all.

Posted by Sandy on 22nd Feb 2010

The vet is amazed 

Dear Tom, Thanks so much.
The product is working wonderfully. Our dog is in remission after only 2 chemo treatments. Her lab work is perfect and normal. Our vet is amazed at how well she is doing. I told him I would make a believer out of him yet!

Posted by Melissa on 22nd Feb 2010


Hello Tom,
Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, my baby Bedelia passed away the morning of 28 Nov, 07, she was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer 4 months ago and I was told by the vet that there was really nothing I could do, I believe your product helped her, she never lost her appetite and she was running around chasing the cats in the back yard the night before she passed away, thank you so much. Just wanted to send you a picture of Bedelia this was taken 1 week before she passed away, she was very happy but as you can see in the picture she had the cancer lumps under her ear and one big lump on her shoulder but this never affected her she was always so happy

Posted by Tonya on 22nd Feb 2010


I just had to send you these 2 pictures of my dog Calypso.
She was recently diagnosed with systemic Lymphoma due to a very fast growing mast cell tumor. She went down hill very fast and starting to refuse food and became very sick. I decided to try K9 Critical Care supplements along with prednisone and forced her to start eating good quality raw foods (chicken, ground turkey, yams, some oatmeal). Although she is 13 1/2 and her prognoses is not very good, I have seen a huge change in her personality in the very short time on the K9. (less than 2 weeks).
Even more astounding is that her huge, hot, heavy Mast Cell tumor has decreased in size dramatically. It was oozing and bleeding and now is almost non-existent. See the attached pics. I will continue to do everything for her and I, and Calypso want to thank everyone at Healthy Dogma for this wonderful product.

Posted by Donna on 22nd Feb 2010

Cancer Supplements

Dear Tom,
As you know my dog Lucy was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. She is a 11-year-old Black Lab. The diagnosis from the vet was not very good, couple months at best, so after a couple weeks I decided to get a new puppy so Lucy could help train her before she left. Then I discovered your dog cancer kits.
When I told my Vet about the pills, he looked at the bottles, and simply said well, it doesn't seem they could hurt as they are all natural, and good luck!
So I immediately started her on the regimen of pills and changed her diet. I am so happy I still have my Lucy, and the new puppy, Polly, has just turned three years old!
Thanks so much

Posted by Liz on 22nd Feb 2010


I just wanted to thank everyone at Healthy Dogma for such a great product. On October 30th, 2005 our wonderful Lab mix, Brandie, was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer that had spread to her lungs. She was only 7 and my family was devastated. Our veterinarian prescribed some pain meds and told us she only had about month or so left to live. I found your site and decided to give your products a try... I had nothing to loose. At the time Brandie started on your supplements she was listless and non weight-baring.
But within just a week of starting her on K-9 Critical Care and Transfer Factor we started to notice a profound change....her appetite was back and she was playing like a puppy again! Her quality of life improved so drastically that even our vet was stunned. Because of your phenomenal products we were able to spend another 13 months with our beloved friend. Words cannot express how thankful we are for that additional time. I truly believe that if we had caught the cancer earlier, and started K-9 sooner, we would've had even more time together. We said goodbye to Brandie on December 8th, 2006. As difficult as it was to let her go, we are forever grateful to you and your products for helping our family friend. And I will gladly refer all our "Dog Friends" to your website as I sing your praises. :-)Many blessings for a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year.
The K Family

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2010


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