Immune Support for Dogs

K9 Critical Care – Helping Dogs Become Healthy Again!

What is K9 Critical Care?

K9 Critical Care is an immune-enhancing daily supplement specifically formulated for critically ill dogs.

It is the most powerful medicinal mushroom-based supplement available on the market.

How does K9 Critical Care help my dog?

When functioning optimally, your dog’s immune system destroys mutated cells before they can overtake the healthy cells.

However, when the immune system becomes overloaded, dangerous cells can multiply undetected.

K9 Critical Care strengthens and balances your dog’s immune system so the body recognizes aberrant cells. This improves their body’s ability to overcome serious illness and to return to happy and healthy state.

Once your dog’s immune system strengthens, it may also help them to:

  • Respond more effectively to other treatments
  • Have a shorter recovery time
  • Maintain a healthy appetite during medical treatments
  • Reduce the chance of a relapse
  • Increase their quality of life

K9 Critical Care is the strongest medicinal mushroom supplement available

Other mushroom companies use inferior, cold-extraction methods, or even worse, un-extracted mycelium powder (made by growing mushroom mycelium on sterilized rice).

These supplemental forms are vastly inferior to hot water extracted medicinal mushroom formulas as they:

  • Have never been studied in the research;
  • Have never been used in traditional herbal practice;
  • Are a fraction of the potency as compared to hot water extracts.

Hot Water Extracts Only

K9 Critical Care is the only U.S. pet supplement made from hot water extracted medicinal mushrooms that match the potency and quality of the preparations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hot water extracts are the only type of medicinal mushroom preparation method studied in scientific and medical research.

K9 Critical Care is the only medicinal mushroom supplement that actually tells you the amount of active compounds available in each serving on the label.

Grown on Hard Wood

Each of the mushrooms used in K9 Critical Care are grown on hard wood in the manner passed down for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Wood is the only growing material for mushrooms that contains the pre-cursors necessary to allow the mushroom to develop the cancer fighting compounds: beta-glucan polysaccharides.

The beta-glucan count for mushrooms grown on other mediums such as rice is a small fraction of that for mushrooms grown on wood.

Our ingredients are well-studied for their anti-cancer, anti-tumor, immune regulating compounds.

Is K9 Critical Care right for my dog?

K9 Critical Care is safe for all dog breeds needing immune system support and has no known side effects. Meticulously sourced, it contains no detectable toxins or other pollutants. As with any supplement, we suggest discussing the dosage with your veterinarian first.

As I received my regular order of K9 Critical Care today, I thought about how fortunate I am to have found your company and I just wanted to say thanks. Two years ago, my darling rottweiler, Dakota, was diagnosed with bone cancer and had one of her back legs amputated. After one year and many rounds of chemo, I was told that the cancer had spread to her lungs and that she had 3 months at most to live – that was 1 year ago.

I thank God that I found your company. Today, Dakota is a very healthy and happy dog and our vet has no explanation he can offer. But I don’t need an explanation – I know why, K9 Critical Care. Thank you so much for giving us another year with our dog – you will never know how much it means to us.


This is my dog Lexi who was diagnosed with liver cancer in June. The day she was diagnosed, I frantically went online to search for something that may help her while she was going through chemotherapy. I found your product and ordered immediately. She has never missed a day of K-9 critical care.

I am happy to say that at her last chemo appt. an ultrasound was done and the tumors on her liver have disappeared! The vet also said that he has never seen a dog with her type of cancer have such a good white blood cell count. I love your product and believe it has helped her tremendously!

I would be thrilled to see my beautiful girl on your label:)


Jeannine Seevers

K9 Critical Care for Critically
Ill Dogs

Immune system enhancement can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for dogs with cancer.


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