choosing-a-vetSome general vets are knowledgeable about canine oncology, but some are not. Some may have the latest treatment options; others may stick to what they learned years ago only.

The best veterinarians you can turn to for canine cancer use a mix of both holistic and conventional treatment methods.

If you are close to an animal medical center that has the best in equipment, highly trained staff, and even clinical trials on experimental technology, you most likely will want to start there.

If you aren’t close to a veterinary medical center, get the opinion of at least one veterinary oncologist in addition to your regular vet.

You can find a veterinary oncologist through the website of the Veterinary Cancer Society.

Make sure you have a veterinary oncologist you feel listens to you and is respectful of your concerns and wishes. You also want someone very compassionate and caring toward your pet, as this is a difficult and emotional time.


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