sad dogThe immediate reason why dogs get cancer is often a mystery.

However, we know that cancer develops when the immune system is unable to clear damaged cells from the body efficiently.

The cells in your dog’s body are constantly being replicated and replaced. Old cells die and new ones are born.

At times mutated cells can develop and these do not die off as normal cells do. Instead they accumulate bodily resources and continue to replicate as they take over the healthy tissues.

The Role of The Immune System

When your dog’s immune system is strong, it recognizes these mutated cells and rids them from the body before they can become a serious threat.

But when your dog’s immune system is overwhelmed, it cannot recognize and deal with the aberrant cells quickly enough.

Cancer occurs when these cells are able to replicate faster than the immune system can handle them.

Immune System Enhancement Can Help Dogs Defeat Cancer

That is why we recommend immune-enhancing supplements to help dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer; particularly medicinal mushroom supplements.

Medicinal mushrooms have been found to contain some of the most potent cancer fighting properties available in the natural world. They can help to repair your dog’s immune system, so that his body can fight back against the cancer.

Medicinal mushroom supplements provide a powerful weapon in the fight against canine cancer. Thousands have been helped already and there are numerous success stories such as this one:


Dear Tom,
As you know my dog Lucy was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. She is a 11 year old Black Lab. The diagnosis from the vet was not very good, couple months at best, so after a couple weeks I decided to get a new puppy so Lucy could help train her before she left. Then I discovered your dog cancer kits.
When I told my Vet about the pills, he looked at the bottles, and simply said well, it doesn’t seem they could hurt as they are all natural, and good luck!
So I immediately started her on the regimen of pills and changed her diet. I am so happy I still have my Lucy, and the new puppy, Polly, has just turned three years old!
Thanks so much,


When dealing with cancer, there is no time to delay.

If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, we recommend working with a veterinary oncologist on your dog’s treatment plan.

In addition, feeding a specialized diet along with immune system support supplements will give your dog the greatest chance at beating the odds in the fight against cancer.


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