Types of Cancer in Dogs

The most common types of cancer in dogs include: canine lymphoma, mast cell cancer, osteosarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma

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This is my dog Lexi who was diagnosed with liver cancer in June. The day she was diagnosed, I frantically went online to search for something that may help her while she was going through chemotherapy. I found your product and ordered immediately. She has never missed a day of K-9 critical care.

I am happy to say that at her last chemo appt. an ultrasound was done and the tumors on her liver have disappeared! The vet also said that he has never seen a dog with her type of cancer have such a good white blood cell count. I love your product and believe it has helped her tremendously!

I would be thrilled to see my beautiful girl on your label:)


Jeannine Seevers


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